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On-Line Adult Comic

2009-09-09 11:11:07 by homemacai

Hi everybody, i'm starting to work on a sort of on-line adult comic, only for fun, not with anty commercial purposes, even if i wanted too sell adult toons, i don't have enough technique on that, but still i guess it's quite enough to make this comic. And it will be very apreciated comments on the initial drawings and charcters. The range of comic will be about mixing together various charcters from old games. Such a:
Senken Desetsu 3, Street Fighter, KOF, and Dark Stalkers 3. So far there is just one drawing and the text ideas, but i'll be posting more soon.
That's all!

On-Line Adult Comic


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2009-09-09 12:50:25

*Drools* cant wait to see, good luck!

homemacai responds:

I'll soon post and entry with the final drawings of the charters, and a first page. Tks


2009-09-09 14:48:51

Of all the comics you're going to make, it's going to be an adult comic? I'm pretty sure they make up at least 5% of the internet by now.

(Updated ) homemacai responds:

Well i actually intended not make and adult comic either, but first i'll see how the first one will come out (i'll try too focus on a good history, not just random sex scenes) . And then i'll sure do one for all audiences.


2009-09-09 16:06:29

Yah, but your readers may not actually be interested in the porn and may actually be interested in the story.

homemacai responds:

True, ok maybe now that i have some extra spare time, i guess i could try to do the two projects in paralel. Soon i'll post some better quality drawings, and please comment. Tks