On- Line Comic * Update*

2009-09-15 15:19:09 by homemacai

See Image Here

Ok I posted on the Art Portal, the image with all the charcters i want too include on my on-line comic.
Now i just have one final doubt before begining the comic itself. Should it have adult content or not?

On-Line Adult Comic - News

2009-09-10 00:01:03 by homemacai

The main characters are decided, they will be each one form its respectve game:
StreetFighter: Sakura, Chunli

DarkStalkers: Felicia, Morrigan, Lilith

Seiken Desetsu 3: Angela, Lise

KOF: Mai Shiranui, Athena Asamiya

The plot will be in the world of seiken desetsu 3, but involving all these charcters.
I guess in a few days i will post a full resolution of the image below of all the girls in full color and detail.

On-Line Adult Comic - News

On-Line Adult Comic

2009-09-09 11:11:07 by homemacai

Hi everybody, i'm starting to work on a sort of on-line adult comic, only for fun, not with anty commercial purposes, even if i wanted too sell adult toons, i don't have enough technique on that, but still i guess it's quite enough to make this comic. And it will be very apreciated comments on the initial drawings and charcters. The range of comic will be about mixing together various charcters from old games. Such a:
Senken Desetsu 3, Street Fighter, KOF, and Dark Stalkers 3. So far there is just one drawing and the text ideas, but i'll be posting more soon.
That's all!

On-Line Adult Comic